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Property FAQ

Where is the RTF Property?
The RTF Property is between Little Sluice and the Springs, down to Fawn Lake. Please CLICK HERE to view a map. The property entrance is down "Indian Trail" or "The Slabs" just before Old Sluice comes back into the main trail. There are signs and a gate on your left side and 1/2 mile trail of reflectors and such down to FOTR Main Camp. The Property Maps page, has more details.
When will the property first be open to the public?
The property will be open to the public on Aug 11-13, 2017. However the Grand Opening will be August 18-20, 2017.
How often will the property be open?
The property will be open 7 weekends in 2017. We will initially have volunteer caretakers on the open weekends. However, the long term plan is to have a full-time caretaker, similar to the Rubicon Springs so that it is open most days, all summer long. This will take time, as we need to build infrastructure to support someone living there during the summer. If you have an interest in volunteering for a weekend as caretaker, please email Ken Hower for scheduling.
Does RTF owe any money on the property?
The Rubicon Trail Foundation made the last property payment in 2016 to Mark Smith Off-Roading. Thanks to your donations, we own the property free and clear. Our only financial obligation to keep the property open to the public at this time, is our property tax payment. In the future, we expect many expenses as we improve the property and make camping better for everyone. The largest annual expenses expected are to eventually put a caretaker onsite for most of the summer. Your continued support allows that to happen.
Can I go 4-Wheeling where ever I want?
No. The RTF Property is not a 4-wheel drive park. However, the roads to go 4-wheeling will be defined and created by you, the trail users! We have no difficulty restrictions at all. Our only requirement that any trail submitted is sustainable.
No difficulty restrictions? How will I know a trail is hard?
We plan on having a trail rating system, kind of like ski trails...blue diamond, double black diamond etc, so that you know before you start, what you could be in for on the trail.
How do I create a route and get a group campsite?
RTF has created a set of rules. They can be found on the Group Campsite webpage. Download the instructions and sign up HERE to apply.
What is the purpose of FOTR Main Camp?
FOTR Main Camp was named after you, the volunteers on the trail as a family type camping area. The caretaker will be staying in this area. The idea is having a nice place to come for family camping, no late night noise, etc. If you'd rather party a little, have some music late at night, that's why we will have group campsites.
What if I want to scatter my loved ones ashes?
We are looking into having a place for plaques to attached to a rock(s), so you can officially have a place to walk to and reflect. We know how important the Rubicon Trail is to some people, and we think it's really important for people to have a legal place to put a plaque to remember a loved one. We will have more information about this later.
Will there be another entrance?
The short answer? No. The longer answer? It's not from lack of want, it's literally not possible.

In the North and South, the USFS owns the property and it's roadless. Which means, it would take congress to approve an easement. Exactly....not happening.

In the East, RSSI owns that property. However, when you float in the Springs and look up...yeah, that's us. Getting up to the top in a rig, pretty extreme.

So in the West, that was owned by RTP. So in order to gain access, we swapped land, granting RTF the pie shape piece that touches the trail, and grants us access.
Rubicon Trail Foundation - Email - 1-888-6RUBICON (678-2426) - PO Box 2188, Placerville, CA 95667