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Rubicon Trail Foundation Property

New Property Pages
Please check out the new pages linked in the left column regarding the Rubicon Trail Foundation property. We have maps, property rules for download, group campsite applications, calendar and a FAQ.

Please review the calendar in August and September for the weekends the property will be open to the public.
RTF Property Access - Project 4

While the 64th annual Jeepers Jamboree was going on, Aaron Bortolazzo of FMA Builders drove to the RTF property drainage pipes for Project 4 of the RTF access road. Clarke Schiller and John Grillo of 2 Guys Trail Gear joined in, along with Derek Armes and Laura Schiller.

Not every day you see giant drainage pipes on the trail! - photo by Laura Schiller

There are 4 individual projects that require completion before the route into the property is complete. This project, dubbed "Project 4" was the most complicated in terms of materials needed. Aaron and crew stepped up to get the materials on site, and as you can see in the photo above, not exactly easy!

Please CLICK HERE or on the photo to see all the work done on project 4 by some great volunteers.

RTF Announces Boundary Line Adjustment Completion
The Rubicon Trail Foundation annouces the completion of the Boundary Line Adjustment. This completes the mission that was started in 2010 with the purchase of the property. Look for details regarding access to the property in the coming months. RTF plans on having an Open House weekend after the snow melts for all to come to see the property.

Read the full press release here.
RTF and RTP Announce Property Access Agreement

The Rubicon Trail Foundation (RTF) is pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the Rubicon Trail Partnership (RTP) with regards to accessing the RTF Property. We would like to thank RTP for working with us through this process. We would also like to thank the public; everyone has been very patient as we work toward access. We look forward to working with RTP and all landowners on the Rubicon, FOTR, and all the Adopt a Trail clubs maintaining access and the health of the Rubicon for everyone to enjoy. More work needs to be done to get the property opened up for everyone to use. Our first task will be working with RTP and El Dorado County to secure a boundary line adjustment (BLA). There will be plans forthcoming to work on the access route while the BLA is in progress.

RTF is planning to open the property for public access during the summer of 2016 if all goes well.

Again, the foundation would like to thank everyone for their patience in achieving this long term goal.

Rusty Folena
Property Chair

Click Here to read full press release


Rubicon Trail Property Committee Members

Brian Whitford
Steve Piazza
Mike Overmeyer
Mike Baggerman
Shannon Chard
Lisa Heck
Martin Chance
Edwin Abd

Property Map - Google Earth - Dec 1, 2012

Here is a Google Earth screenshot of the Rubicon Trail Foundation Property. Click on the image to view a larger version.

If you would like to view this on Google Earth, download the program HERE from Google. Then download our KMZ file CLICK HERE (KMZ saved as ZIP file).

Close up:

Far shot:


Rubicon Trail Foundation Purchases 317 Acres - Dec 9, 2010

Click HERE to read about Rubicon Trail Foundation property purchase on the Rubicon Trail.


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