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Newsletter - Q2 2017

What’s New on the Trail?

Welcome to the third edition of RTF’s quarterly newsletter.  Spring is in the air and many of us are anticipating getting on the trail.  Of course, with the amount of snow on the trail, that may come a little later than usual this year.  In this edition, we have a discussion of spring snow wheeling, and some insight into the inner workings of RTF; all about our Winter Summit.

Snow Wheeling Update

Most of us spend plenty of time in the Rubicon in the summer, and of course it is beautiful.  A few hardy souls travel in the Rubicon in the winter, braving snow, lots of winching, cold temperatures, and winter storms.  This year we have an extra-large snowpack and are anticipating a late melt.  It wouldn’t be surprising if the Tahoe side of the trail wasn’t passable well into July. So what does that mean to those of us that typically don’t get into the snow wheeling?  Here are some tips:

  • Carry extra equipment for extraction.  Often you may find that long pulls with a winch are the norm, carry extra straps and a way to connect them together.  Make sure your winch and cable are in good shape before you go.  Be ready to winch…a lot!
  • Take extra care with your rig.  Make sure it is well maintained and ready to work.  In spring snow, if you have worn tires, or tires smaller than 37”, you might want to reconsider.  Lockers front and back are also often necessary.
  • With a lot of snow on the trail, there will likely be fewer people.  You will have to be more self-reliant for repairs and survival needs.  Carry tools and spares, extra food, and warm clothing.
  • Your favorite places to camp will likely be under a snow bank or saturated with water.  Often the best place to camp will be flat slab rocks or on the snow itself.  Be prepared for that…ground tarps, plenty of insulating pads to sleep on, and waterproof boots.
  • Communications can become more important.  Cellphones don’t work on the Rubicon, and with fewer people on the trail and extended travel times, talking to the outside world might be more important than ever.  Ham radio is best, sat phones will also work.
  • Go with someone who is experienced in over the snow travel.  Traveling in the snow in the Rubicon is very different from snow wheeling on a snow covered road.  It is steep in places, has big sidehills, and crosses many drainages that can make travel difficult.
Winter Summit
The Board of Directors of RTF meets every month for several hours, and we get a lot done each meeting.  Winter Summit is held instead of our February meeting each year in order to strategize and plan for the year ahead…there’s just too much to talk about at monthly meetings to see the big picture, and not enough time.  Summit is held on a weekend, and involves work meetings on both Saturday and Sunday.  It is exhausting and worth it.  We set priorities for the following year, strategize about the “business” of stewarding the best off road trail in the country, and we have a little fun as well.

This year we planned some administrative stuff (like succession planning and monetary policy), and we talked about budget and fundraising.  Most importantly, we set three pillar goals.  They are first, get the property open to the public, second, hire part time administrative staff, and third, re-organize our storage and meeting plan.  This last goal combines short and long term objectives like streamlining our storage plan, acquiring office space, and acquiring a meeting space.

Not too exciting, but it’s important to recognize that the board takes this foundation seriously!
RTF Looking For Administrative Staff

RTF will be looking for an administrative staff person in the near future.  If you are interested or know someone who is, please have them check back on the  We will be posting a job description soon

Want A Job On The Rubicon?

RTF is still actively looking for people to fill Mid Trail Staff positions.  If you are interested in working for a great organization in the Rubicon in 2017, please send an email to and we will provide you with a job description and application.  Part time and some flexibility are also possible.

Annual FOTR Meeting April 8th, 2017

Friends of the Rubicon will hold their annual meeting on Saturday, April 8th, at the American Legion Hall at 4561 Greenstone Road in Placerville.  You can go to the FOTR web page at for more info.  Shannon Chard, the FOTR Trail Boss is encouraging attendance by anyone who wants to help, make a difference, plan the future of the trail, or just come and see how FOTR works.  Pizza lunch and the bar will be open after the meeting.

Director Profile: Dan DeWolf

Dan DeWolf joined the foundation as the Jeepers Jamboree representative in 2008.  He has been on multiple committees, and has been active on the Black Tie and Boots committee since its inception, nine years ago.

Dan is an El Dorado County native, served in the Navy, and upon his return to El Dorado County was invited to an El Dorado Jeepherders club trip as a guest.  He recalls riding in on an ice chest hitting his head on the roll bar and standing in the fire melting his shoes on that trip, so things haven’t changed much for Dan over the years.  He was a director of Jeepers Jamboree for seventeen years, the last five of which he was the president.  He still runs the cook crew for Jeep Jamboree.  Dan is married to Kelly, who also loves the outdoors.  They spend time on the trail every year, and are often traveling in their motorhome to other off road adventures in Moab or other destinations in the west.


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